The journey to the cloud is an epic trilogy of 3 tales: Private, Public & Hybrid.


Servers and infrastructure deployed on-premises or in your organisations data center.

Examples of private cloud include:

  • Local servers in your HQ, data center or regional offices.
  • Applications and databases hosted on local servers.
  • Storage devices such as SAN and NAS.
  • Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS) and Citrix XenDesktop.

Where most organisations are leveraging private cloud today is for traditional client-server applications, file sharing and virtual desktops.


Cloud services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

Examples of public cloud include:

  • Microsoft 365, Google G-Suite
  • AWS EC2, Azure VMs, Google Compute Engine
  • AWS S3, Azure Blog Storage, Google Cloud Storage
  • Azure Windows Virtual Desktop, Citrix Virtual Desktops

Where most organisations are leveraging public cloud today, is for providing core mail services, and running of key web-based applications that are often customer facing.


A mix of private and public services to deliver optimal benefits of cost and scale.

Examples of hybrid cloud include:

  • Local storage and backup with cloud archiving to object storage like AWS S3.
  • Cloud based identity and authentication with Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD) and AD Sync to local servers.

Where most organisations are leveraging hybrid cloud today, is to provide an extension of services, that are either impractical to deliver in-house or costs associated with public cloud make it highly compelling to adopt those services externally, such as cloud storage for long-term data archiving.

ICG Asia can assist you to determine the right mix of private, public or hybrid and design solutions leveraging the optimal benefits of each.

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The journey to the cloud is an epic trilogy of 3 tales: Private, Public & Hybrid.
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