ICG Asia enables customers to transform their WAN for cloud and the future of remote work, supporting you to secure and optimize your internet connectivity, throughout your digital transformation journey, be that at home or in the office.

New to SD-WAN technology? Check out our blog, what is SD-WAN and considerations for a branch office firewall.

Optimized Connectivity

ICG Asia uses a global private backbone with built-in optimization to deliver an SLA-backed, predictable, and high-performance network experience anywhere. Customers who suffer from high latency and network inconsistency across their branch offices use ICG to deliver a great user experience, whether accessing applications on-premises or in the cloud.

Test your internet speed with the ICG Asia internet speed test.

Secure Branch Internet Access

ICG Asia provides complete network security. By connecting all branch locations, both Internet-bound and WAN traffic, is fully protected by enterprise-grade, cloud-based security services. There is no need to backhaul Internet traffic to a regional hub or deploy branch network security appliances like Firewalls, IPS, and VPNs. — Yes, that's right, no more firewalls to procure, deploy, patch, manage, and upgrade. No backhauling traffic. It's all done in the cloud.

Cloud Acceleration

ICG Asia provides seamless acceleration of cloud traffic by routing traffic from each edge location to the PoP closest to the cloud datacenter. Because our PoPs share the datacenter footprint of major cloud providers, the latency to these providers is essentially zero. Cloud application access optimization requires just a single application level rule that determines where cloud application traffic should egress.


Mobile Security and Optimization

ICG Asia extends global networking and security capabilities down to the individual user’s laptop and smartphone. Mobile and remote users no longer need to suffer from poor service. Using our client, or clientless browser access, users can dynamically connect to the closest PoP, and their traffic is optimally routed over the global private backbone to on-premises or cloud applications.

Share Files Securely Anywhere

ICG Asia's secure remote file sharing allows you to enable your staff D: drive and file shares to be cached locally on their device, syncing only compressed delta changes across the WAN. Local cache allows offline access, whilst file locking ensures consistency, free from version conflict of multiple users accessing the same data. Backup is built-in, so you'll never have to backup your NAS or File Server again. You can host on-prem for compliance or in the cloud for efficiency.

Working from Home

ICG Asia seamlessly supports working from home for all your employees. Customers can rapidly connect their on-premises and cloud datacenters and enable self-service provisioning of VPN clients to all users who require work-from-home or remote access. Continuously inspecting traffic for threats and access control, ICG Asia has created a viable business continuity plan for working-from-home, that's ready to go.

SD-WAN Architecture
ICG Asia SD-WAN Architecture

Why SD-WAN? Why now?

Over the years, there has been a shift away from the traditional office toward remote work. A sales guy would go out for the day, jump on the corporate VPN in a cafe between meetings, when he needed corporate applications, mail or file shares, then disconnect until later in the evening when he would get back home or to the hotel. That was some of the users, some of the time. Now with the unprecedented shift toward remote work due to pandemic, the situation is now most of the users, most of the time.

All that expensive MPLS bandwidth is going to waste, as most users are now accessing the WAN via the internet, placing unforeseen load on VPN concentrators, rather than inter-branch MPLS connectivity, they are also accessing more and more apps in the cloud, directly over the internet.

Used by over 750 companies in 55 countries

ICG Asia SD-WAN, powered by Cato Networks, is used by over 750 companies in 55 countries.

Customer References

Why keep paying for expensive MPLS bandwidth?

You can adopt an SD-WAN service from ICG Asia, paid with OPEX, not CAPEX, that delivers the same kind of SLA you expect from MPLS, with potentially higher bandwidth, at a lower cost, in a way that is more agile to scale for spikes of VPN users via low latency local PoPs and does away with the need to procure and maintain, branch firewalls, link load balancers, url filtering, secure web gateways, and wan optimizers. All of this functionality is built-in to the service and new policies can be rolled out globally in a few clicks via the cloud console.

What about file sharing over the VPN?

ICG Asia address the final pain of remote work, file sharing. Typically plagued by slow protocols, not designed to scale over remote connections. ICG Asia lifts the burden of maintaining file servers and backups, with built-in versioning, data protection, and encryption, at the same time enabling a file sharing experience that seems and performs like a local D: drive to the end user, even if they're offline.

So how much does SD-WAN cost?

We've prepared an online SD-WAN price calculator to guide you.

“Digital transformation and adoption of mobile, cloud and edge deployment models fundamentally change network traffic patterns, rendering existing network and security models obsolete” - Gartner
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ICG Asia enables customers to transform their WAN for cloud and the future of remote work, supporting you to secure and optimize your internet connectivity, throughout your digital transformation journey, be that at home or in the office.
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