Use Cases

MPLS migration to SD-WAN

ICG Asia enables customers to move away from expensive, rigid, and capacity-constrained MPLS networks to a combination of high-capacity Internet links and the ICG Asia SASE Cloud. Using ICG Asia Socket edge SD-WAN appliances, customers boost usable capacity and improve resiliency at a lower cost per megabit. Customers with a global footprint, leverage ICG Asia's affordable global private backbone to replace global MPLS and the unpredictable Internet. The ICG Asia SASE Cloud optimizes performance and maximizes the throughput to on-premises and cloud applications.

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Optimized Global Connectivity

ICG Asia SASE Cloud uses a global private backbone with built-in WAN and cloud optimization to deliver an SLA-backed, predictable, and high-performance network experience everywhere. Customers who suffer from high latency and network inconsistency across their global locations use ICG Asia to deliver a great user experience when accessing on-premises and cloud applications.

Secure Branch Internet Access

ICG Asia provides a complete network security stack built into ICG Asia SASE Cloud. By connecting all branch locations to ICG Asia, all traffic, both Internet-bound and WAN, is fully protected by ICG Asia's enterprise-grade, cloud-based security services. There is no need to backhaul Internet traffic to a datacenter or a regional hub, deploy branch network security appliances, or procure stand-alone cloud security solutions.

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Cloud Acceleration and Control

ICG Asia provides seamless acceleration of cloud traffic by routing all traffic from all edges to the ICG Asia PoP closest to the cloud datacenter. Because ICG Asia's PoPs share the datacenter footprint of major cloud providers, the latency between ICG Asia and these providers is essentially zero. Cloud application access optimization requires just a single application level rule that determines where cloud application traffic should egress the ICG Asia SASE Cloud. There is no need to install cloud appliances or setup hubs to reduce latency to the cloud.

Remote Access Security and Optimization

ICG Asia extends global networking and security capabilities down to a single user’s laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Mobile and remote users are no longer treated like second-class citizens of your network and security infrastructure. Using a ICG Asia SD-WAN Client, or clientless browser access, users dynamically connect to the closest ICG Asia PoP, and their traffic is optimally routed over the ICG Asia global private backbone to on-premises or cloud applications. ICG Asia's security-as-a-service stack protects users against threats everywhere and enforces application access control. Unlike legacy VPN, the ICG Asia SASE SD-WAN solution scales globally to support 24×7 access for the entire workforce, creating a viable business continuity plan for working from home.

Work from Home

ICG Asia SD-WAN seamlessly supports work-from-home for all employees, all the time. Customers rapidly connect their on-premises and cloud datacenters to ICG Asia SASE Cloud and enable self-service provisioning of ICG Asia SD-WAN Clients to all users who require work-from-home or remote access. Unlike legacy VPN and SDP products that can’t scale to support the entire business, ICG Asia's global and cloud-scale platform is built to optimize traffic to all applications with a global private backbone, and continuously inspect traffic for threats and access control with the converged security stack.

SD-WAN for Global Enterprises

ICG Asia makes global connectivity affordable, reliable, and agile. Our global SLA-backed private backbone provides a consistent user experience at a fraction of the cost of legacy MPLS, and natively extends to cloud datacenters, cloud applications and mobile users. With over 65 points of presence all over the world, including China, you can now achieve a secure global connectivity that meets your business needs within minutes. ICG Asia's security stack ensures the same enterprise-grade security is applied for all branches, users, and applications – everywhere.

SD-WAN for Regional Enterprises

ICG Asia SD-WAN gets your entire enterprise network connected and secured through a single cloud service. Our edge SD-WAN and Security-as-a-Service help IT teams build reliable business networks with ease. ICG Asia helps you make the most of your Internet last mile by automatically building the WAN full mesh, enforcing QoS and path selection based on application and user awareness, optimizing access to cloud resources, making VPN users integral parts of your network, and enforcing the same enterprise-grade security on all locations, users, and applications. ICG Asia SD-WAN can be managed by the IT team or ICG Asia as a managed service provider via a single, user-friendly, web-based application.

Data Protection: Long-term Retention

ICG Asia simplifies long-term data retention and archive, making it affordable to keep backups on disk, so your organisation can go tapeless, with a single cloud-native solution that supports the backup and archive of data directly to disk on-premise, and to public clouds including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. ICG Asia streamlines data archival with automated backup policies that move data to the cloud and provide easy retrieval from everywhere, delivering better accessibility and faster restore times. Reduce long-term retention and archiving costs, simplify the archival and retrieval process, and provide a multi-cloud platform for flexibility and scale on demand.

Data Storage: On-premise Pay Per Month

Storage is a critical component of IT strategy and plays a major role in keeping businesses running. No matter what your function in the organisation, you need fast access to data for productivity, operations, and user experience. But the cost of traditional storage can be a major concern. CAPEX purchases and leases require large upfront investments and often force you to overestimate your needs far in advance. ICG Asia provides an alternative. Storage-as-a-service (STaaS) is an OPEX-based, pay-as-you-go offering that transforms your enterprise storage environment into a high performance all-flash, super efficient storage service. It supports block, file, and object storage, and you can deploy on-premises, in a co-location facility, and in the public cloud.

VSAT Optimization

Address performance, visibility and security of existing VSAT bandwidth to your fleet, remote sites, and remote users. Block rogue VPN access, enable bandwidth optimization and quality of service. Optimize Cloud and SaaS applications like Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Azure, AWS and Google. Collaborate and sync reports with ICG Asia's secure remote file sharing via Cloud NAS, designed for low bandwidth connections. Modernize fleet and remote site communications with firewalls, URL filtering, user monitoring, anti-malware, and near-shore 4G/5G off-load.

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